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The Basis of Your Approval

It helps to understand what goes into making the decision about your approval. Here are the key things that lenders generally consider when looking at an application.

Step 1. Starting the Application

You will meet with John Hahn and decide which type of credit is right for your needs. To help make that decision, we need to collect some information about your income, assets, liabilities, etc. If you bring the documents listed in Information Checklist, you should have everything needed to move your application ahead immediately. You will also be asked for your consent to look at your credit report from a credit bureau.

Step 2. Approving the Application

After reviewing your financial information, credit report and an assessment of the property, we’ll give you a decision on your application.

Step 3. Communicating the Approval

If your application is approved, you will be asked to sign documents that describe the mortgage or HELOC. This document is also our commitment to you to provide the funds if all conditions are met.

Now check the Information Checklist for the first meeting with John Hahn provided by John Hahn – Manager, Residential Vancouver Mortgage of TD Canada Trust
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